Fall Play: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


Dates (2018)

Auditions: August 28-29 at 3:10 pm

Performances: October 25, 26, and 27 at 7:00 pm (CST) 


DIRECTED BY: Maeghan Bishop
COSTUME DESIGN: Linnea Hoyos​ 

STAGE MANAGER: Jaymee Higginbotham

ASST. STAGE MGR: Raquel Pierson

About the Play

Written by: William Shakespeare

This famous romantic tragedy finds new relevance in a modern political setting as two young people struggle to save their love while polarized loved ones try to pull them apart.
Political tension serves as the backdrop for a tale that still has much to teach audiences about division and anger in the face of love and dreams of a better future.

Cast List:

Romeo - Canton Schenk

Juliet - Isabelle Crater

Benvolio -  Lauren K. Smith

Mercutio - Brad Mathewson

Nurse - Zoe Burkholder

Balthasar - Roby Kelley

Tybalt - Frank Broadus

Friends to Tybalt:

         Petruchio - Skylar Blaser

         Sampson - Calvin Scott

         Gregory - Andrew Van Fossen

Capulet - Cole VandeVelde

Lady Capulet - Gracie Braden

Old Capulet - Jon Schocket

Peter, intern for Capulets - Keiran Hayes

Paris - Dylan Grospitch

Page to Paris - Tyler Hausthor

Caterer/Delegate - Chloe Easley

Caterer/Reporter - Tyler Norsworthy

Intern for Capulets - Finn Reilly

Pastor Lawrence – Madisen Wilson

Montague - Grant Unruh

Lady Montague – Sydney Kleinschmidt

Abram - Josias Canul

Prince Escalus - Oliver Pope

Apothecary/Delegate - Briana Hightower

Friar John/Delegate - Casey Schenk

Cameraman - Kendall Broadus

Security Officer - Cody Colwell

Intern for Capulets - Autumn Eaton

Reporter - Elizabeth Fawl

Delegate - Logan Miller

Reporter - Lauren J. Smith