Welcome to Washburn Rural High School Theatre

UP NEXT: Spring Play

The heartwarming story of "I Remember Mama" is coming to the WaRu stage on April 19. 

Take a look at this video for a sneak peek at the show!

About Us

Our Mission

WaRu Theatre strives to serve students of all backgrounds, abilities, and orientations by providing a range of training and hands-on experiences that encourage growth of skills and formation of personal connections. We aim to prepare motivated students for further study and employment in theatrical industries, and to provide opportunities where students of multiple interests can flourish. 

A Variety of Events

Our students design, build, and perform 4 productions each school year:

  1. Comedy Play
  2. Dramatic Play
  3. Musical
  4. Children's Play/Musical 

Community and Beyond

Our students are involved in volunteer activities throughout the Topeka community as members of our Thespian troupe, in addition to performing in local theatre productions and improv comedy troupes. 

Numerous WaRu Theatre alumni have advanced into careers in theatre, including Broadway productions and tours, dramaturgy, professional lighting design, and professional stage management.


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