Student One-Act

Original Play: "Carol"

Written and Directed by: Connor Thompson, senior student


Friday, May 11 at 7:00 pm


Admission to this production is freewill donation to the WRHS Thespian troupe #6193.

About the Show

Carol is a teenage boy (yes, Carol can be a guy's name) who is searching for a sense of identity amid the pressures to be ideal in every way. Luckily, the quirky adults and genuine friends in his life, along with a possible romantic development, lead him to reconcile who he is with who he wants to be.

Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned! We appreciate very person for being interested in this exciting experience. I saw such wonderful things from everyone at open call that I only needed to focus on 3 particular characters for callbacks. 

We will have a read-through in the auditorium after school on Wednesday, March 14.

Carol: Brayden Soper

Alice: Rebekah Kelly

Ideal Carol: Jake Eaton

Clint: Tyler Norseworthy

Julie: Jillian Drummond

Robert: Logan Miller

Joe: J Hall

T-Dawg: Griffin Haire

Dr. Thatcher (& male understudy): Nick Rausch

Mrs. Bradbury: Gabe Kabins

Bruce: Cian O'Byrne

Belle: Vaughn Lolley

Cynthia: Gabbi Salmond

Ensemble: Arianna Bentham, Megan Grosfield, Lara Preugschas 

*Additional ensemble roles still available